Map Editing

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I'm not going to go into detail about how to make maps, but I will at least give a few pointers to get started. Map editing is actually quite easy, once you get the hang of the editor, which by the way, is built into the game! You can download a very good tutorial, which incidentally is the one I used to get started, but there are several things it DOESN'T tell you..

  • You -MUST- back up all your existing maps first, by copying them to another directory or zipping them up or somthing. If you ever edit and save a map that uses existing terrain data, as with any server-side map, it will modify that map data just enough that you'll never be able to play any mission again that uses that terrain when logging into a version 1.11+ server. After saving your missions, you need to restore the other maps from your backups. Earlier versions of the game didn't have the cheat-checks that this seems to trigger.

  • The tutorial mentions going into walkthrough mode (F5) but doesn't tell you how to get back into the editor. You do this by pulling up the console (~) and typing MEmode(); (which stands for "map editor mode").

  • If you want your objective switches to have names (for when it says "so-and-so claimed such-and-such for the Blood Eagle team"), you can ONLY set this by editing the .MIS file by hand. Pull it up in notepad and add a line like this to the appropriate section, with whatever name you want:
    objectiveName = "Central Tower";

  • When editing the "mission center" data block, try to make the mission area a square, or nearly a square, otherwise the map on the command screen will be badly stretched.

  • If objects don't seem to work, or are invisible from certain angles, then change it! Yes, there are glitches in the game, and sometimes it keeps you from setting things up preceisely as you want.

  • When turning a day mission into a night mission, or vice versa, please remember to change the palette and haze colors etc. It looks really bad to have the terrain haze out to something in complete contrast to the sky.

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