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This server has been modded. For a list of the mod's features, click here to see the webpage BONES Mod.

Our philosophy: Tribes is meant to be fun, and in a specific way that few games have been able to match. It's all about teamwork.. it's coordinated squad warfare. It's a mix of strategy and action. It's a first-person shooter for thinkers. It's carnage for the philosopher.

To that end, the NecroBones Server is dedicated to providing a place for those who choose to play fairly and with respect to the game concept and to the players around them. The tweaks made to the server reflect a desire to improve defensive tactics, in an effort to promote more forethought and teamwork when going on offense, to help prevent "base-rape", and to continue in the vein of "slowed pace" in favor of "more strategy". Tribes has more in common with chess than it does with Quake or Unreal, and we want to keep it that way.

The server rules are simple...

  • No teamkilling, no destroying your own team's equipment, or otherwise intentionally hampering your team's efforts.
  • No team-changing with the intent of destroying that team's equipment/deployables/people.
  • No abusive behaviour.
  • No racial or sexually offensive language. Taunt and gloat all you want but keep it clean.
  • No kick/ban votes of INNOCENT PEOPLE. Kick the assholes all you want, but not people who legitimately made a mistake or just got in the way by accident.
  • Vehicle stealing is frowned upon.
  • Excessive voting initiation is also frowned upon.
  • Be nice, play well, have fun.
  • Step out of line, and kicks/bans will be handed out, no questions asked. It's that simple.

Bones and his Shrike
Server Stats:
Name:NecroBones T2
CPU:800MHz P3
Default Game:CTF
Max Players:40, no bots
Match TimeLimit:30 Minutes

Current Admins:

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