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Installation Instructions - Installing skins is quite easy. To install the skins, unzip them into your dynamix/tribes2/gamedata/base/textures/skins directory. If it doesn't exist yet, then create it. Next time you load the game, the skins should be available in your "warrior setup" area.

Generic Skins (4.3 MB) - One of the things I miss about Tribes 1 is the fact that it had generic skins (blue, green, etc) that you could choose from depending on your favorite color, or for team distinctions, or as a base from which to make your own skin. For this reason, I've made 8 generic skins that you can play with: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Brown, Black, and White (aka plain). These skins DO work with environment mapping and have a decent reflection scheme.


Jericho MPB, Flower-Power skin (1 MB) - A friend of mine and I were in a discussion about the Tribes 2 vehicles, and along the way made a comment about the MPB as being a "bus", and then the idea struck... why not rainbows and flowers? :) Here's the result. I added the details in a way that I hope makes it look like someone sloppily painted them onto the MPB in haste... I even darkened the paint a little on the indented parts to make it look a little more 3D and consistent. :)

[screenshot1] [screenshot2]

Bot Skins (1.25 MB) - I know several other sites are offering the bot skins... I had already extracted them last week, so I figure I might as well make them available here too.


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