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Maps: (CTF, unless specified otherwise)

  • ADP-CTFmaps v1.0 - This is a package of the re-worked standard CTF maps. ADP (my tribe) felt that most of the CTF maps had some minor defects (or major defects in a few cases), and we wanted to shift some of the emphasis on the maps to allow for strong defense (thus requiring a stronger offense on your part). These maps are of course subject to change, especially since we haven't fully play-tested them. I think you'll find that the pace gets slowed a little, since a more organized attack is often required on these maps than was previously needed. [49k] (pic) (pic)

  • HighSpires - My first map, this one features two bases perched high atop mountain ridges, looking down into the valley in which there is a central tower objective. Air superiority will be controlled by two weapons towers, also in the valley. Overlooking the whole battle is a 250m tall neutral spire. This is a large scale map, but the lack of haze makes it feel smaller. You can also download the associated TED and VOL files (271k) to use if you wish (for improved shadows and pinning), but modifying the map to use them will require all players to have copies as well. [10.5k] (pic)

  • ADP-Base - This map was not meant to be a fair battle, but rather a place for my tribe to hang out and try various experiments. It's a well guarded fortress with an 800m testing range. The attacking force gets a puny dropship in which everything can be -permanently- destroyed. This map requires -ALL- players to have a copy, since it uses custom terrain and shadows. [298k] (pic)

  • NightFlight - A really nifty map.. Both teams are in dropships hovering more than 400m off the ground. 3/4 gravity allows longer ranged flying and shooting, so if one team doesn't know how to jet effectively, they're going to die. [6.9k] (pic)

  • DropshipDepot v1.1 - A dropship supply-depot is under seige. Both teams landed in their own ships, but decided they want all of the other parked ships too (6 total). Useful equipment is available in the port's facilities. [10.5k] (pic)

  • ColdMist - A foggy frozen wasteland is at stake in this mission. The bases are perched behind the ridges of a valley, each with two forward towers. Navigating will be challenging in the thick fog and snow. [7.5k] (pic)

  • IceCavern - My first cavernous map, this one takes place in a large frozen foggy cave. Yes, that's right, a cave. Watch your head. :-) [4.5k] (pic)

  • DarkCave - A similar map to IceCavern, this one is also in a cave. However, this one has only three chambers with more graceful terrain contours, and uses the mud terrain. There's only one way into each base's chamber, and into each base. However, there are places to hide in the shadows to set up an ambush. Defense will be key. [4.9k] (pic)

  • LightIce - This is also a cavernous map, but with a completely different feel. At half gravity, a hovering light with an energy pack can stay aloft indefinitely. A heavy can fly to the enemy base in one jump (with a kick-start). The flag base is suspended 150m up, in the ceiling of the cavern. The low gravity makes for slow graceful flight, which will make sniper-rifles and chainguns very important weapons to use, and ground travel a slow but safe alternative. [5.1k] (pic)

  • Arecibo v1.2 - Inspired by the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico (and hence the name of the mission), the battle takes place on a 300m radio observatory dish. Each team gets one and only one vehicle, and respawns are done in fully-stocked medium-armor. The tranceiver platform in the center will be an important objective, and the flag may be difficult to reach with a good defense. [6.6k] (pic)

  • RelayStation - Using some of the same map data as in Arecibo, this battle takes place in and around a large 300m dish, but this one is visually impressive, standing high above the battle ground. Each tribe landed in a nearby dropship to attempt to sieze control of the Communications Relay Station. The station itself is worth 3 points, so capturing it will greatly reduce the number of flag caps you need to win.[7.6k] (pic)

  • DustStorm v1.1 - This mission takes place during a sandstorm in the desert. Both bases consist of scattered ruins, and require a multi-pronged attack, since the flag is protected by a forcefield powered by a generator on the other side of the base's area. Each building is outside of visual range of each other, and vehicles have to be flown blind (waypoints become very important). Each team has two patrolling bots.. These are the game's built-in bots, so they're stupid, but shoot straight! Teamwork will have a strong influence on the outcome! [8.3k] (pic)

  • Two-Towers - This mission will require skillful jetting and some serious 3D thinking. The two teams battle it out from two 450m towers. The flag is in the protected center of the tower, and forcefields must be knocked out to get there. In our test runs, this one resulted in some interesting strategies developing on both teams. [5.9k] (pic)

  • Witch-Hunt - This battle takes place in a small foggy wooded area with 50% more gravity than usual. You'll find that flying is impossible, but skiing still works. This will make for a fast-paced low to the ground slug-fest! [5.6k] (pic)

  • DeepSpace v1.2 - This battle takes place between two starships that are outside of visual range of each other. Designed for advanced players, this map will generate some interesting strategies. There are lots of hiding places, and flying must be done with very few visual cues. Each ship has two capturable shuttles equipped with turrets and ammo stations. [7k] (pic)

  • ListeningPost - A night desert mission, this fight takes place for control of a large listening post (a 300m dish, once again). Even though this uses the dish object I made once again, it's not just a rehash of the other maps. The bases are suspended platforms, each with a parked (and capturable) shuttlecraft. The dish itself is off to the side and is also capturable. This mission is a sniper's and scout pilot's dream! [7k] (pic)

  • HillSide - A mission that takes place on a slope. The entire terrain is tilted, and the bases are connected by a set of "cable car" platforms running between two floating forward bases. The unusual terrain, combined with the mixed blessings of the moving platforms will make for some unusual strategies... for instance, by staying on the platforms, the turrets usually can't lock on to you, but they move slowly and you can easily be hit by another player. Good luck! [6.3k] (pic)

  • RainFortress v1.1 - This is a variant of the RainDance map, after a suggestion was made to me. The bases have been built up a bit, with castle walls, a larger flag tower, more defenses, and seperate power systems. Breaking into the base is much more problematic, and simply skiing through to get the flag is much much harder now (though not impossible-- heck, I've even flown a scout through to grab it). This is a more strategic map, designed for a larger number of players. [7.5k] (pic)

  • SpaceBase v1.0 - I wanted to make a map that is completely enclosed in a space station, and I think I exceeded. The map does have some minor glitches that I can't fix (items are sometimes invisible from certain angles). However, it's fun since there are multiple ways to get to each place, and both sides of the map are capturable despite the fact that it's CTF. [7.5k] (pic)

  • SkyBots v1.0 - This is a floating base that makes for a wonderfully fun mission. There are forward bases that serve little strategic value but are independantly powered so you can re-equip if your base gets destroyed. Also, destroying the base's power is a multi-step process due to forcefields. As the name implies, there are bots patrolling around to help defend the bases. [9k] (pic)

  • ADP_SkyBase v1.0 - This is another unfair map, like ADP-Base, since it was also designed to be a headquarters for my tribe. This one isn't quite as unfair, and the attackers actually stand a chance. Due to the distances involved, vehicles become a necessity, but skillful piloting is required due to the large amounts of rocket-turrets. [8k] (pic)


April 4, 2001

Well, Tribes 2 finally hit the stores 6 days ago, and that's where it's at! :)

There likely will be a rare few updates here, if any, since I've moved on to Tribes 2. If you play Tribes 1, I hope you'll continue to make use of my maps and enjoy the game. Have fun!

I plan to continue mapping, but now for Tribes 2. Please take a look at the new Tribes2 Section.

March 13, 2001

The map I mentioned in the last update is now available, as are two other maps I made quite some time ago but never got around to uploading (yes, even though there were no updates on this site for several months, I wasn't completely tribesless). :) Make sure to check em out!
  • SpaceBase - A fun enclosed map, with doors, capturable sections, etc
  • SkyBots - A floating base with seperated power-systems and more.
  • ADP_SkyBase - A floating headquarters under siege by two dropships.

March 12, 2001

Wow, it's been a long time since my last update here. I've mostly been waiting for Tribes 2 to appear, rather than just keep pumping out new maps for Tribes 1. However, I'm working on another map now anyway, which is intended to be another base for my tribe, but everyone is of course free to download it when it's complete. This one is a large floating base, and like my previous ADP Base, it's an unfair mission. The attackers are in two little dropships, but our base has 3 rocket turrets facing each of the ships. :) Each team also has two flags, which makes things interesting.

November 14, 2000

I put a bugfix in on RainFortress, bringing it up to version 1.1. Basically, there was a "hole" at one end of the bridge, which I HAD originally patched, but for some reason my patch vanished before uploading it here. I've corrected it now.

November 7, 2000

I just upgraded DeepSpace to version 1.2. This was a small but important change- I removed the capture switches from the shuttles on the center base. I figure the shuttle pad there is important enough as a strategic objective without being worth 2 points as well. The point, after all, is to get to the enemy ship, not fight over some shuttles at the center. If you use DeepSpace on your server, I stronly suggest using this version.

November 7, 2000

DeepSpace has now been upgraded to version 1.1. I've noticed that it doesn't do well with certain mods, and that people were not wanting to play it because of that. To make things a little better, I've added a central base between the ships with another pair of shuttlecraft. These shuttles will probably determine who wins, since it can still be hard to get to the flag etc..

October 31, 2000

Happy Halloween! Muahahaahah!!!! :)

I've uploaded a corrected copy of ADP-CTFmaps, and rainfortress as well, since they had the pathnames encoded previously. That meant that unzipping it into the missions directory resulted in the maps being several levels deeper, and thus the terrain and prefabs data wasn't in the same directory as the maps, making them useless. This could be manually corrected, or avoided by unzipping right into C:\, but I figure just making the file more consistent with the others was better and easier. :)

October 30, 2000

RainFortress is now available. Sorry for the delay. :)

I've also added the ADP's versions of the standard CTF maps. These maps have been edited to close certain "holes" that we felt existed in the original maps. In some cases we went a little turret-crazy, and these maps are subject to change. But I think you'll enjoy them. Some good examples of 'fixes' that we did were to make RollerCoaster's power supplies more secure, as well as add some turrets on stonehenge and dangerous crossing, and a second inventory station for raindance. I put these at the top of the list on the left. Rainfortress is at the end of the list. Enjoy!

October 20, 2000

Wow, it's been a while since I last update here.. anyway, I have a new map on the way soon. It was suggested to me that I try making fortresses on the Raindance map, so I took up the challenge! I think it'll make for a fun and interesting mission. :) Expect an update soon...

September 8, 2000

It just dawned on me that I never released my latest mission. So here it is... Hillside! Look at the bottom of the list on the left to download it. This is a strange map, in that the whole terrain is tilted as if you're on the side of a giant hill. Combine that with the "cable car" system, and you'll find that this map is going to involve some unusual strategies. Enjoy!

August 29, 2000

Things have been a little quiet on this site lately, and may continue to be until Tribes2 comes around. I'm a little hesitant to spend more time on map design with T2's impending release.

With that in mind, I really hope I get chosen to be amongst the beta team.. In case anyone from Dynamix happens to be reading this- I'm a good tester... I'm a programmer, and I'm good at breaking code and finding the little details that need to be tweaked. I'm of course also a player and map designer, and can give you guys some decent input as to game balance issues, as well as bugs. Pick me!!! :)

August 4, 2000

I've made the new ListeningPost map available for download! I don't have any screenshots handy, so I'll post those soon. I have a feeling that this map could be a lot of fun, since the maps are a good distance apart, but large travel speeds are possible.. there are multiple objectives, but also multiple strategies for achieving your goals. Enjoy!

July 30, 2000

I'm back from UVALAN2, and I'll post some things about that later. I'll be releasing a new map in the next few days, one that debuted at UVALAN2. In the meantime, I've posted new versions of DustStorm and DropshipDepot with a few glitches fixed.

July 20, 2000

Interesting factoid... I visited the Empire State building yesterday in NY. It turns out that the building is 1472 feet tall, which translates to 448.7 meters. The towers in my Two-Towers map are 450m from the bottom of the base piece to the top (not including the antenna at the top). With that in mind, Two-Towers is just like fighting from two Empire State Buildings.. Nifty, eh? :)

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